'Zook' Font Download

I don't know if it's just me, but for years I have admired the symmetry and balance of Suzuki's 'Big S' logo. And I wondered if there might be a font available, based upon this style. So I searched the Internet high and low, but I couldn't find a thing. Yes, there is a font out there called 'Usuzi' (suzuki.ttf), but it's just not what I was after.

So there was only one thing to do: embark on yet another learning-curve, and figure out how to create a TrueType font based on the famous 'Big S'. And after a fair bit of fiddling — more than I care to admit — I've come up with 'Zook'. No doubt I'll tweak it further, and get the font looking better and better, so don't forget to check back here from time to time for newer versions of 'Zook'!

You may download 'Zook' and use it freely for private or non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use 'Zook' for commercial purposes, please contact me for terms (which you will find are very reasonable!).

To download the current font version (v. 1.20, screenshot here), right click on the TTF logo below, select 'Save Target As...' and take things from there.

To install a font in Windows XP or Vista, it's a snap: simply drag-and-drop the font file (in this case 'Zook.ttf') into your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder. For Win98 and other operating systems it usually involves a few more steps, so just look up 'Installing a font' in the Help files.

* * * * *

Wiring diagram?

As you know, the wiring diagram in most Suzuki manuals is an eyeball-twisting pain. Lines crossing lines, dots, dashes, funky little numbers and obscure codes... you need a lot of patience to navigate the blasted thing. Why Suzuki never decided to safeguard our sanity and churn out a colour-coded version of the diagram...

But never fear! Hus has come to our rescue and produced a colour-coded version of the diagram! The bloke must have spent hours doing us this kind service, so if you get the chance please send him a line of thanks, he deserves it.

* * * * *

GS1000S 'Two Wheels' Review Article

When I bought my current GS1000S, the previous owner kindly gave me an old Two Wheels magazine, complete with a review of the 1979 model GS1000S. The Two Wheels crew have given me permission to make this available online. Click on the thumbnails to view the successive pages of the article...

* * * * *

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